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About G. Scott Graham

G. Scott Graham is an author, a career coach, a business coach. and a psychedelic support coach in Boston, Massachusetts.

Scott is driven to help clients follow their “true azimuth,” which is different from “true north.” It means coaching clients to identify the true focus of their life — something that speaks individually to them. It means recognizing the forces that push our lives off course and adjusting to them so you get where you want to go. It means that when you are 90 years old and you look back on your life you have a sense of pride, accomplishment, and meaning — with no regrets.

When he is not coaching people to be their very best, Scott manages a non-profit farm animal rescue. Scott participates in Tough Mudders, teaches Sun 73 Tai Chi, stand-up paddleboards with his dogs Groot and Rocket, and goes camping at State Parks throughout New England as much as possible. His daily spiritual practice focuses on anāpānasati, vipassanā, and mettā-bhāvanā meditation. Scott believes service is vital to a life well-lived: he volunteers as an EMT Instructor, as a Firefighter, and as a Master Gardener in his community.

In his “free time,” he writes books.

Key Facts about G. Scott Graham

Born: May 31, 1963, Cleveland, OH

Full name: Gregory Scott Graham-Stephens

Education: Antioch University New England, University of South Florida

Founder: True Azimuth Coaching, Willoughby Rescue, Vermont New Hampshire DOT SAP Services

Host: Follow Your True Azimuth Podcast