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Determining Marijuana Use in the Age of Legalization

Determining Marijuana Use in the Age of Legalization Book Cover

Marijuana legalization presents new issues for the health professional in assessing use patterns. The days of dubious products from illegal markets are disappearing. With lab quality marijuana, driven by a medical-use focus secondary to a recreational focus, dosing is becoming more measurable and understandable. At the same time, legal markets are complicating the matter as marijuana is now available in many forms, from flowers to concentrates to edibles to infusions to pre-measured vape pens to transdermal patches to suppositories. There are more ways to get THC into your system than ever before. Dispensaries offer no recommendations for use other than "start low, go slow" citing that dosing (basically, how much THC you put into your system in what form you consume it at one time) is determined individually by trial and error. In this book, Scott Graham presents a consistent method for calculating and measuring "servings" across multiple products. It includes a link to a downloadable PDF form to help health professionals gather critical information to track and assess use. An essay addressing counselor bias toward legal marijuana and a curated bibliography round out the text.

Publisher: True Azimuth Coaching