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Now what? After Your Vipassana Course Is Over

After Your Vipassana Course is Over Cover

On Day 10 of a Vipassana Course, when “the vow of silence is over” and “noble chatting” begins, a common topic amongst older students is how to maintain a daily practice. And on Day 11, during the final discourse when Goenka states you should have strong addithana (determination) to sit an hour in the morning (plus 15 minutes Metta) and an hour in the evening (plus 15 minutes of Metta) for one year, the exasperation of the new students finishing their first course is palpable.

It is hard to develop a daily practice.

Life happens.

And it is easy – very easy -- to stop a habit, no matter how well cemented it is in your life.

Scott Graham has been practicing Vipassana meditation since 1996 and has used many strategies to support a daily practice in that time. As a life coach, Scott helps clients stay focused and accountable on the actions, strategies and habits that align with their goals. Merging tools and strategies as a life coach with his own experience, Scott presents a series of strategies to help “old students” maintain their vipassana practice and strengthen their meditation “habit.”

May all beings be happy.

Publisher: True Azimuth Coaching